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"Great design is achieved by capturing the spirit
of the client and the essence of the space."

Space Planning

Such as layout, more efficient use of space, combining collections, adding old to new to create individual uniqueness, helping downsizing process.

House with Floorplan outline

Interior Solutions

Such as storage, healthy alternatives, reno selections, furniture, and decor/art solutions.

Female Hands Framing Gradated Custom Kitchen Design Drawing and Photo Combination.
The workplace. The blank notebook. The presentation. Craft, hipster, wood background.

"Just For You"
Original Design Items

Such as wall mural art, fabric creations, re-purposed furniture pieces, and more.


Finish Selections

Colour can have a profound effect on a person - using a knowledge of colour psychology, the perfect palette is chosen for your space.


Realtor Services

If you want to find another home to love - Jennifer can help you list the one you have and find you another to make yours.

942 St. Mary's Rd
Winnipeg, MB  R2M 3R5

"A space I have just seen is a story waiting to happen."

"Are you looking for some interior design help for a renovation or restoration? I mean real help, you know, the kind that makes you say:  "Hiring her was the best investment I made".

We had that experience. Our house was largely destroyed by a water leak that ruined the ground floor and the entire basement. We decided to renovate as part of the insurance restoration.  It was a large project.  We had to decide on paint colors, flooring, carpets, door designs, light fixtures, kitchen cabinets, counter tops, back splashes, furniture, wall decor..  all within a very short period of time. We needed help.
Our confidence in Jennifer was immediate. She brought us up to date as to what current trends were, starting with interior wall color choices.  She then led us through a decision process that ended up with a coordinated theme, for our entire renovation. She identified good options for many of our choices. Her presence was positive, always cheerful and helpful, giving us confidence.
In retrospect, we see that we avoided dozens of mistakes, that could have made for an unhappy outcome for us.
That, in the end, is what gives us the most pleasure, seeing a complete plan that makes sense, right from the moment you step in the door.  "Wow! is the typical word first said by visitors. 
If you want that outcome, we recommend Jennifer's services."

Ed and Donna-Mae Burgener.

"The rooms that Jennifer put together for me were awesome.  Beautiful use of colour, texture and contrast.  Great ideas with an amazing eye.  A professional and fun lady to work with."

Nicole Goshawk

"Jennifer transformed our place, overnight, into an upscale gorgeous home producing positive responses."

Audrey Ramchander

"I was extremely impressed with Jennifer's keen eye for colour, decor, and usage of space."

Jaime Valdes-Riench

"I was so impressed by her wide range of expertise in the areas of designing and staging that I completely trust and value her suggestions."

Shannon Wiebe

"She did a wonderful job at re-designing our home to function for the needs of our family while getting it ready to be shown on the market."

Mike & Shelly Loustel

"As a family, we have had the delightful pleasure of working with Jennifer Donovan-Faubert as an interior decorator of our home. 

Right from the get-go, we knew that Jennifer would be the perfect fit for helping us renovate our home.  She spent a substantial amount of time learning about our style and about our vision.  She then took our ideas and brought them to fruition. 

Jennifer is a caring soul and a creative spirit.  Before we met her, we were overwhelmed by our home renovation project - she made our lives so easy!  Jennifer has years of expertise in decorating and in working with clients - it shows.  Her approach was beyond what we ever imagined.  She gently guided us through the many choices needed.  Jennifer colour palette choice for our home was on trend and her creative ideas were always appreciated. 

The greatest moment was seeing our home finished.  The moment we walked in, tears flowed.  For the first time since we bought our house, it felt like our home!  The attention to detail was incredible and there were so many personal touches throughout the house.  For weeks after the final reveal, we continually walked around our house staring at every piece of art, every detail that made it a custom decor for us and our children.  Hiring Jennifer was the greatest decision we ever made and the speed with which she operates makes her expertise well worth every penny. 

We feel a sense of calm each and everyday in our home now.  Travel seems unnecessary, as Jennifer has created the home of our dreams!  We do wish Jennifer's future clients all the best, as we know that with her creative spirit and kind heart, they are in good hands."

Cory and Karolina Dressler

"It is a pleasure to work with Jen. She is prompt, professional, honest and fun! Her design suggestions are nuanced with colour, flow, and style - to support her client's vision. I highly recommend hiring her to transform your space!"

Linda Drosdowech

Word Sense Studio

"A well-balanced space can calm one's mind;
a well-decorated space can nourish one's soul."


Jennifer Donovan-Faubert

Chief Creative Consultant

I love what I do and I do what I love! For me, that has been working with interiors for roughly 20 years.  My interest in gathering knowledge in related areas extended to real estate, marketing, colour psychology, space energy, office interiors, and staging.  It has all deepened my understanding of the effects an interior can have on a person. When I first walk into a space, my eyes light up and I immediately see it in 5 different decors. When I meet a client for the first time and see the stress on their faces regarding a renovation project or decorating choices, all I want to do is ease that stress and make them smile. It is fun for me - the planning, the drawing, the inspiration that comes, the colour palette selection, the sourcing, the shopping, finding the perfect item or solution, putting it all together, waiting with a flutter in my stomach and then, finally, seeing my client's reaction to their new space! I love it all. I find out details of how my clients live in their different spaces, their likes and dislikes, what they are passionate about, what stresses them and then I draw on all the knowledge I have collected through my life's experiences to create a healthy, beautiful space that resonates with them, reflects them and allows them to live their best lives in. I work creatively and efficiently. Every space is like a puzzle that I need to complete, a riddle I need to solve. Each project as unique as the client it is for. See that smile I have in my baby picture? I strive for you to feel that happy when I am done with your space!